Letters to the Editor.

Reading the numerous Photographic Journals of the 1850s there often insightful and educational letters to the editor . Often the authors of these letters chose to remain annonymous , signing off with just their initials , or using a nom e plume such as X (probably Thomas Sutton replying to himself as editor) Old Hypo ,  Lilly White and Dr R. Here are some by Dr R who's letters come up from consistently over the years. I will update these as I find them.

Photographic Notes May 1864.

In praise of the Squire .

To the Editor of photographic notes.


I have recently used a lens made by Squire and Co of 52 King William Street London , during a very successful trip to Edinburgh with my associate the very talented  Caddy . It is inscribed Carte De Visite and I believe it is of a design by Mr Petzval . We made several portraits with this lens and it  produce beautifully artistic results when combined with the almost redundant Calotype process . I could not be more pleased and wholeheartedly recommend this to your readers.

I am Sir

Yours respectfully

Dr R .




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