Victorian Chemistry.

Often when researching the various early photographic processes you will come across chemical names that are puzzling or lacking definition. Usually this is due to the nomenclature having changed over the years . The older the text the more likely this is to occur.

The following is a brief index with old and new names side by side.

Albumen                             Egg White.

Alcohol                                Ethyl alcohol or Ethanol.

Alum                                    potassium or Ammonium alum

Animal glutens                    Gums of animal origin

Argentine wash                    Silver nitrate wash

Baryta                                   Barium

Brine                                     A concentrated solution of sodium chloride.

Bromide of potassium          Potassium Bromide

Bromide of silver                  Silver Bromide

Canada Balsam                     Turpentine  from Balsam fir .

Chloride of Lime                   A commercial bleaching solution made from Chlorine or Slaked lime.

Chloride of Sodium               Sodium Chloride

Common Salt                         Sodium Chloride

Dextrine                                 Soluble  carbohydrate from starch

Ether                                       Ethyl Ether.

Gum Arabic                            Gum from acacia arabica or acacia Vera.

 Hydriodate  of                       an   Iodide ,  eg .Baryta  Barium Iodide,  potash , potassium Iodide.

Hydriodate of Potash             Potassium Iodide

Hydriodic acid                       An Iodide Solution

Hydrobromate of Potash        Potassium Bromide                     

Hyposulphite of soda             Sodium Thiosulphate  Pentahydrate. Also called hypo

Iodated  silver                         Silver Surface of a Daguerreotype  which has been Iodized.

Iodidated Solution                  A solution of an Iodide.

Ioduret of Silver                     Silver Iodide

Isinglass                                  A high grade gelatine made from the air bladders of Fish.

Mercury                                  Quick Silver.

Muriate of                               Ammonia- ammonia chloride . Baryta – Barium chloride.

Muriate wash                          A chloride Solution

Muriatic acid                          Hydrochloric acid

Nitrate of                                Potash – potassium nitrate , silver – silver nitrate.

Soda                                        Sodium Carbonate

Sodium Hyposulphite             Sodium Thiosulphate  Pentahydrate.

Silver solution                         Silver Nitrate Solution

Spirit of salts                            Hydrochloric acid.

Spirit of wine                           Ethyl alcohol.

Sulphuret                                  Sulphide

Table Salt                                 Sodium Chloride


From A Treatise on the Art of Photography. By Robert Hunt . Edited by James Y Tong.





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